Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Easiest way to become poor is to pretend to be rich..

Hi, this is my first post on blog....feeling, this one is the best way of hopping my thoughts into some words..
My core interest is purely on opening about the 'ARTHALOGY' , probably you know 'ARTHA' means MONEY in Sanskrit..

I would like to frame the meaning of 'ARTHALOGY' as analysis on finance management planned by all.

Just read again ..'Easiest way to become poor is to pretend to be rich'.

Most of the people park their money in diff ways to get all their current future and future of future.
The people who are so called 'NETIZENS', not willing to differentiate much between INSURANCE and INVESTMENT, They assume that, they are aware of enough things interms of financial planning. Their life is enough coated with insurance, which is bought by their family LIC/ some agent.

Very few people think - How much one is under secured OR over secured interms of life insurance..How much to invest, how to identify the investment risks..what kind of policies or plans they are having till now.

Before going on HOW, let me tell you the diff kinds of insurances and investments.

Again, before that i would like to bring a factor in front of you, why do we need FINANCIAL PLANNING'..
There are many more things before concluding outline of Finance Planning and assuming that all the words like -
'' 80C section ,
tax saving ,
family gets only after death,
safest place to invest,
i have had enough planning,
a boring topic,
i have taken already enough insurance,
Who will think every year,
i have saved my money fully in 80C section ''

are interlinked.

I will continue this in my next post..